Welcome to KaraokeHQ. A site devoted to helping you sing better and feel better in the long run. This small karaoke bar on the internet is maintained by a couple who has bought and used a lot of karaoke machines, both when they were still single and even after they got married.

Choosing the best karaoke machines can be very daunting especially if it’s your first time doing so. This site was created to overcome such difficulties and help you or your child focus more on singing.

Meet David and Alicia

Among a lot of things that David & Alicia Starr have in common is their passion for singing. They may not be professional artists but their frequent karaoke bar gigs are what actually helped to initiate their bonding.

However, they remain hopeful for their lovely 5-year old daughter to develop her inherited talent better than them. In fact, Emily is so excited about joining The Voice Kids sometime soon.

Alicia is the lyricist among the two. Not as someone who creates song lyrics, but someone who hates wrong lyrics. That is why she is devoted to filling this site up with correct lyrics of popular and favorite karaoke songs.

David is all about the technicalities of singing, and this naturally includes karaoke system. He even shamefully admits that he sometimes ends up researching and tinkering more than actually singing. When it comes to recommending and reviewing karaoke machines, you can definitely count on him.

David gives the world’s most honest and thorough reviews based on experience and research.

KaraokeHQ’s Promise

Expect to find a lot of valuable information on how to improve your singing, whether you’re planning to join a contest or just want to have fun and feel good. We promise you that KaraokeHQ will be of great help in choosing the right equipment, product, or songs on your next karaoke gig.

We invite you to check KaraokeHQ’s most recommended karaoke machines, as well as singing tips, news, lyrics, and more. As David puts it, “Learning to sing better starts with a good karaoke machine”.