Which Karaoke Machine is The Best? Ratings, Reviews, and Buyer’s Guide

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The best karaoke machine is not the same for everyone.

With so many models available on the market these days, choosing the right one can be tedious and stressful.

Even if you’re doing your shopping online, you’ll be overwhelmed by tons of product listings, showcasing technical features that you might not need at all.

There are even those which look good aesthetically but the experience you get is mediocre, to say the least. We understand how frustrating it can get, so we created this ultimate buyer’s guide.

Here you’ll find not just one, but a list of the best models you can choose from.

We narrowed down the selection based on your purpose of buying one, whether to inspire your child’s talent, improve your singing voice, or entertain guests on the weekends.

Each of these recommendations is followed by our honest reviews of the product, so you can make an intelligent decision in picking the right model for you.

Best Karaoke Machines This 2019

Product Name
Mic Jacks
Song Included
Singtrix Party Bundle2None3.5mm cable
Grand Videoke Symphony 2.026,000 songsUSB, RCA output
ION Tailgater IPA771NoneBluetooth, NFC, 3.5mm cable
Singing Machine SML385BTBK2NoneBluetooth, 3.5mm cable, RCA output
Memorex Sing Stand 32NoneBluetooth, 3.5mm cable
VTech Kidi Super Star1None3.5mm cable

#1 Singtrix Party Bundle – Best For Parties

Singtrix Party Bundle - Best for PartiesIf you’re planning to host a karaoke party, then you should get yourself a Singtrix Party Bundle. It’s got amazing sound output and quality, and everyone will surely be able to sing like a pro. In fact, this system has been endorsed by celebrities and TV shows including Ellen, The View and Today Show.

The entire bundle includes a microphone, a professional mic stand, a 2.1 speaker, and the Singtrix control unit itself. You’ll have everything you need right out of the box.

You can connect any device that has a headphone jack directly to the unit with a 3.5mm audio cable. This allows you to play songs from YouTube, your own playlist or apps like Smule without having to purchase karaoke CDs.

What makes Singtrix shine the brightest from the rest of the competition is that it makes a good singer sound amazing and a bad singer sound awesome. Literally.

That is why Singtrix is the best model for bad singers.

This is made possible by the following features:

  1. Natural Pitch Correction
  2. Singtrix’s patented HardTune, which is similar to Auto-Tune
  3. 4-part harmonies and choir effects

These innovative factors alone make it stand out from the rest of the models, yet it does not stop there. This model also has voice morphing capabilities, a custom-made microphone which allows you to activate the harmonies on the fly, and much more.

The 2.1 stereo speaker has a subwoofer and packs a 40-watts output power. In fact, you can also use this speaker as part of your home theater system or for your gaming console.

Singtrix Party Bundle is a premium machine, that is honestly quite on the expensive side. However, you actually get more than what you pay for with this model. The innovations are not something that you’ll find on other models on the market today. If we are to recommend a single product on our list, then this is the one.


#2 Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 – Best Model With Songs

Grand Videoke Symphony - Best Model With SongsAre you looking for a system with songs already included? Then Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 is what we would recommend to you. It has 6,000 songs included right from the get-go. You don’t need to be online or to buy lots of karaoke CDs for you and your friends.

When you purchase the unit, you get to have 2 wireless microphones included. The charging station also acts as the control unit which you hook up to your TV via RCA cables. It also comes with a built-in scoring system that rates the singer after every song.

This videoke doesn’t come with any built-in speaker, though, and additional connectivity is limited to USB only.

If you want to play your own songs, you can certainly do so by loading it through the USB port. However, it won’t display the lyrics on the screen unless it’s in an MP3+G format. The scoring system won’t work with this setup as well.

The 6,000 songs include both English, Filipino, and K-Pop; with most of them in English. The selections may not include a lot of the latest popular songs, but the classics and most-commonly sang songs are there.

However, don’t expect to hear original songs, since they are of digitized, midi-quality type.

There are two ways to pick your songs. The first method is with a songbook. You choose the song you like and enter the number using the mic or the remote control.

The second method is done with voice command. You just say the song title and it will play the song for you. You might need to go through the search several times if there are several songs with the same title.

The Grand Videoke Symphony 2.0 is a professional karaoke machine that a lot of bars are using these days. The great thing about this is that you don’t need to go to the bar to enjoy it. You can purchase it online and have your own setup at home.


#3 ION Tailgater IPA77 – Best Portable System

ION Tailgater IPA77 - Best Portable UnitWho says you PA speakers don’t make good karaoke machines? As a matter of fact, PA speakers are better for singing than your normal home theater speakers. ION Tailgater IPA77 doesn’t only have this feature but is designed to be portable as well.

As you may have already guessed, this unit is best used for tailgating parties. As such, it is has a powerful and booming sound output and works on battery as well.

Battery life, when fully charged, can exceptionally last up to 50 hours long. If you’re taking this with you outdoors, you can also use IPA77 as a USB power bank and conveniently keep your devices charged.

You don’t actually need to go outdoors to enjoy this system by ION. You can have it setup in your bedroom or entertainment room and host your karaoke party there. It can use both batteries and AC power safely. There are 3 ways to connect your device to this unit:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. NFC
  3. 3.5mm AUX input

You don’t need to be tech savvy to use this. Just pair your tablet or laptop via Bluetooth or NFC, or connect using cable, play your songs and sing through the microphone. The 50-watt speaker will output both your voice and music in a clear and powerful way.

It doesn’t have any built-in equalizer or sound enhancement controls, but you can easily download their app to your cell phone and adjust it from there.

If what you’re looking for is a system that you can take with you anywhere, whether, on camping, tailgating or beach party, we highly recommend that you get the ION Tailgater IPA77. The powerful sound output and 50-hour battery life are more than enough to entertain you in the open.

This is simply the best for outdoor sessions.

#4 Singing Machine SML385BTBK – Best Under 50 Bucks

Singing Machine SML385BTBK - Best Under 50If your budget is tight these days, then we recommend the Singing Machine SML385BTBK. It costs less than 50 bucks only, but the features are worth more than the cost.

This is the best machine for those who are tight on budget.

Singtrix SML385BTBK has a top loading CD+G player for both your karaoke CDs and regular music CDs. It has an RCA video and audio out so you can easily connect it to your TV. Just like the setup you see at bars, you get to read the lyrics on the big screen.

For the sound output, you actually have two options. You can (1) use the built-in speaker or (2) have the sound output to your TV and from TV to your home theater. Using the built-in 8.7-watt speaker is great for portability and when you’re in a small room.

If you don’t have a karaoke CD, you can always connect your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth or 3.5mm cable. This allows you to have more song choices online like YouTube karaoke songs.

This model has several features to further enhance your voice output, including echo and balance control. The Auto Volume Control feature is what we like the most since it significantly reduces the vocals from any songs. This allows you to sing with the original musical accompaniment.

Like most Singing Machine models, this one comes with LED lights to enhance the party atmosphere. If you find it too bright, you can dim them to your preference.

The Singing Machine SML385BTBK is an amazing entry-level system. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money but you still get to enjoy singing your favorite songs or streaming from YouTube. It’s easy to set up and portable as well, which makes for a perfect gift on any occasion as well.


#5 Memorex Sing Stand 3 – Best Under 100

Memorex Sing Stand 3 - Best Under 100Memorex Sing Stand 3 is a complete, all-in-one system that’s very affordable. It even rivals some of those models that are priced more than 200 bucks.

Aside from the price point, we also like how this unit is so easy to set up. You basically just have to assemble the mic stand and connect your device. You don’t have to be a good sound technician to get started.

Connectivity with this model is done either through Bluetooth or via a 3.5mm AUX cable. This means any device with a headphone jack can be hooked up easily. Bluetooth connection is what makes this better than the older version, Sing Stand 3.

You can play your favorite songs from your device using YouTube and have the sound output through this machine’s built-in speaker.

Perhaps the only gripe we have with this Sing Stand 3 is that it only has two 5-watt speakers.

They are great for small to medium-sized rooms but not so much to entertain a louder and bigger crowd. However, this is a small price to pay for a full system this cheap. If you’re going to use it in a room in your home, then this not an issue at all.

It comes with 2 microphones upon purchase so you can have a duet as soon as it’s setup. Another unique feature is that you can plug in your guitar or keyboards as musical accompaniment. You can go acoustic anytime you want.

Built-in features like Auto Voice Control allows you to significantly reduce the original song’s vocal track. The echo control and a separate mic volume help you to adjust the quality of your voice output to your liking. If you’re on a budget, Sing Stand 3 by Memorex is our recommendation for the best under 100 bucks.

Please Note: Sing Stand 3 has been out of stock for some time now. If you find that it’s not yet available still, please check our recommendation of a similar product here.

#6 VTech Kidi Super Star – Best System For Kids

VTech Kidi Super Star- Best For ChildrenIf your child loves to sing, there’s no better gift than to give him or her a sing-along toy. VTech Kidi Super Star is the best singing machine for kids in the market this year, and it’s only available for online purchase. Compared to most kiddie versions, this model has a lot of nifty features you’d only find in professional versions.

VTech has become synonymous to innovative learning tools for children, so it’s no surprise why the Kidi Super Star received a lot of awards including Best Musical Toy Of The Year and UK’s Top Ten Presents.

When assembled, it’s a multi-functional mic stand which allows your child to sing and perform at the same time. The speakers are built-in to the detachable control unit which is attached to the mic stand itself.

Playing your kid’s favorite songs to sing along with is quite easy. You connect your smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet via a 3.5mm audio cable. You play the songs and read the lyrics (if you’re using YouTube or MP3+G) from the device and sing through the mic.

However, it doesn’t have a capability to connect via Bluetooth as of yet. Perhaps the newer model will have one as well

The mic stand also includes a cradle for the device so your child won’t need to hold it while singing. The control unit attached to the stand has some disco lights effect to add more party ambiance.

Here are the rest of the features that we exceptionally love about this product:

  • Music Magic features that remove main vocal tracks of any songs
  • Microphone effects that change the sound of your voice
  • Rhythmic games including tongue twister, which is great for warmups
  • Built-in recorder that records your singing for up to 5 minutes

It may also pass up as a great choice for young teens. However, if you want one that your young adult won’t outgrow quickly, we suggest that you check our top-rated karaoke machine for a teenage girl.

VTech Kidi Super Star is our most recommended model for kids this year. It runs out of stock every now and then because of the demand. If the mic stand was any taller, I would be using this most of the time as well.

What Is A Karaoke Machine?

Karaoke is a combination of the Japanese words “kara” and “oke”.

Kara means empty-handed, like the one used in Karate. Oke, on the other hand, is their colloquial term for orchestra.

This means that karaoke when literally translated is an empty-handed orchestra. This is exactly what it looks like when you sing with musical accompaniment without actual musical instruments playing.

A karaoke machine is a system designed to allow you to sing through a microphone with the music playing in the background. Originally, their design was like the 80’s boom boxes with the speakers at the bottom instead of being to the sides.

Songs are played using cassette tapes in a multiplex format. This format allows the machine to strip away or significantly reduce the vocals of the song.

These systems have gone through a lot of innovations these days. You can play your songs from different sources or from karaoke CDs, or even stream karaoke videos via YouTube. Some models even allow you to play original songs from your playlist and it will remove the vocal tracks.

Why Should You Buy A Karaoke Machine?

Having this system right at your own home provides several benefits including:

  • Easy way to entertain guests
  • Nurture your singing talents
  • Improve your voice and singing techniques
  • A great stress reliever

A karaoke machine with scoring system is a great choice if you’re going to invite your friends over. A healthy competition of beating each other’s score is an awesome way to entertain.

If you find yourself going to a karaoke bar more often, then getting your own system at home is very practical. You might be shelling out a lot more for the high-end types, but you’ll actually be saving a lot in the long run.

In addition, you don’t need to wait in line for your turn to sing. Plus you can sing the same song over and over again until you get better at it. As a matter of fact, you can even practice change some of the keys to make your own version of the song.

However, keep in mind that not all at-home karaoke machines are great. Picking the best machine from our the list that we recommend here can spare you from wasting your money.

Music Formats

Depending on the features, you should be able to play your music from a variety of formats. If you what you want is to have lyrics displayed as well, you’ll need to use these types:

  • CD+G – These are karaoke CDs that when played, even on home theaters, will display lyrics on the TV screen.
  • MP3+G – It’s the same as CD+G but you’ll need to have a player that supports it.
  • YouTube karaoke videos – These are uploaded by YouTubers which you can play through YouTube while online.
  • Built-in songs – models like Grand Videoke have built-in songs with lyrics that can show up on screen. They only function on machines they’re built for.

Since every machine is a musical system at its very basic, then all of them can play songs from regular CDs and other music formats like MP3.

Common Types of Karaoke

Whether you’re looking for a cheap system under 100 bucks or a more premium model, it’s best to first identify the type of system you really want. There are no set rules as to how they’re classified, so we’ve grouped them based on their uses.

  1. Karaoke Machine For Kids

  2. These are created for kids, so expect bright colors and kiddie designs. Most of them have limited or basic features, however, even adults will get to like them as well. They are durable and easy to use, and they have a price point of fewer than 100 bucks only.

    For kids, the best model will always need to have a fun factor. It should be enjoyable to use and should encourage the child to sing more often. It’s not about hitting all the right notes at first, but more on nurturing the confidence to sing.

    If you want to check more recommendations this category, be sure to check our comprehensive article on the best karaoke machine for kids this year.

  3. Karaoke For Home Use

  4. These models have greater flexibility and offer a number of ways to connect your devices. It allows you to have several music sources including both offline and online. Most of the products in this category allows you to connect them to an external speaker for better audio quality.

    Not all of them are designed to be connected to a TV, though.

    A good system for home use will always need to have the following features:

    • Ability to connect easily to TV
    • Can be set up to connect to an external speaker or home theater system
    • Can play songs from a variety of music sources
  5. Professional Karaoke Machines

  6. The professional types are those used in karaoke bars or in large gatherings. Although some of them can be used at home, you need to choose those which are not too complicated to set up. Most of them have built-in equalizers and allows you to connect mixers and amplifiers for complete and robust sound output.

    If you’re planning to establish your own karaoke business or want to have your own bar at home, we encourage you to check our list and reviews of our best professional karaoke machine this year.

    The best choice for business use should be expandable and durable.

    Expandability can be measured with its ability to connect to external speakers, amplifiers, and/or equalizers. Being able to hook it up to this auxiliary devices allows for a more robust sound system. The music and the singer’s voice comes out crisp and clear.

    On the other hand, durability is essential since it will be used by a lot of people very often. It should be able to withstand some abuse.

Common Setups At Home

There are three ways to set up your system at home. Depending on the machine that you have, you can have 1 or all 3 done.

The first method is about having the lyrics of your online song, from YouTube, for instance, output to the TV. This is something that you can do with most products since almost all of them have an audio input. Basically, you’ll be streaming your video to your TV and will be outputting the sound to the machine.

The second method is for models with audio and video out. This is either through HDMI or RCA cables. You can hook up both your system’s audio and video output to your TV, or have the audio output to your home theater and the video to TV. This is the layout used on most karaoke bars.

The third method is the most limited and does not require any additional setup. It only involves connecting your device to the machine to stream the songs. This is mostly used for kiddie versions only.

If you want to know more about the specifics of connecting your unit, we recommend that you check our articles below:

Comprehensive Reviews

In case you want to know more about the products recommended in this article, we are delighted to help you even further. Please follow the links below specific to the karaoke model you would like to know more in detail:

Wrapping It Up

You can get the optimal experience out of any karaoke machine you chose if it suits your purpose in buying.

We do hope that our list has helped you gain the knowledge and confidence in choosing the right one for you. We will be updating this article on a regular basis as we continue to find more systems to recommend.

Out of all the items that we recommended, Singtrix Party Bundle remains to be our Editor’s Choice for years now. You can never go wrong with it, except if your reason for buying is to give it to a toddler. Whether you’re good at singing or not, this model will make you (or anyone else) a celebrity.

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