Easy Songs To Sing For Bad Singers

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Most of us are bad singers every once in a while, whether by song choice or the condition of our voice. Our list of easy songs to sing for bad singers can help save you from embarrassment when you have no choice but to hold the mic.

Here are two utmost secrets to sounding good at any karaoke party. The first is song choice and the second is getting the rest of the crowd to sing with you. Being able to sing any of these best karaoke songs if you can’t sing will make your performance something to remember.

A karaoke machine like the Singtrix Studio can play a big part in making you sound good instantly. It has a chip designed to auto-correct your pitch so that you’ll always be on the right tune.

Easy Songs To Sing For Bad Singers

Song Title
Top Of The WorldThe Carpenters
Build Me Up ButtercupThe Foundations
I Love Rock N RollJoan Jett & The Blackhearts
Don’t Worry Be HappyBob McFerrin
All The Small ThingsBlink 182
SomebodyDepeche Mode
Horse With No NameAmerica
StayLisa Loeb
Bizarre Love TriangleNew Order
Oops!…I Did It AgainBritney Spears
Material GirlMadonna

Top Of The World – The Carpenters

Who doesn’t want to be on top of the world? This song takes you and your friends to the top, effortlessly. There are no high notes to reach and everyone will feel good singing this. It makes for a great icebreaker especially when you end up singing after someone who sang well.

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations

This song has a very good beat that can get everyone start singing and clapping with you. The melody of the song and instrumentals are so upbeat that no one would care if you miss a note or two. In fact, you can even sing your heart out with this song and still sound good.

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll

This is best sang when everyone at the party is already half drunk. It will certainly liven up the atmosphere again. Just don’t do some headbanging unless you want your newfound popularity to go down the drain in an instant.

Don’t Worry Be Happy – Bob McFerrin

Like the first song we recommended, this one is another feel-good classic. It’s a very easy karaoke song for guys. No belching out, no tricky tongue twisters. It’s just like you’re telling a story. You’ll sound even better if you can whistle.

All The Small Things – Blink 182

This song is quite tricky in the sense that it looks hard to sing. In reality, it’s one of the easiest alternative songs you can master. Fortunately, not everyone knows this so you’re sure that there’s a slight possibility someone will pick this up before your turn.

Somebody – Depeche Mode

This ballad song from Depeche Mode doesn’t have any high notes to strain your throat. You can sing this acting all cool. Who knows? The message of the song may strike that elusive someone in the crowd that you’ve been fervently aiming for.

Horse With No Name – America

This classic Folk & Country song has a very simple melody. As a matter of fact, the chords and strumming are very easy that you can go acoustics even if you’re not an expert with guitars. You might not be able to have everyone else to sing with you, but at least you’ll be able to sing when it’s your turn.

Stay – Lisa Loeb

If you know this song from Liza Loeb and haven’t tried singing it yet, you should try this out. It’s not hard to sing at all. We recommend this if you’re you can’t hit higher notes but are confident enough about the sound of your voice.

Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order

Frente! has a contemporary and acoustic version of this song, but if you know that you don’t sing well we suggest that you go with the new wave version by New Order. The melody and instrumentals of the song can effectively hide your mistakes instead of going acoustic.

Oops!… I Did It Again – Britney Spears

If your vocal range is quite narrow but would love to sing something quite popular, then go for this song from Britney Spears. You’ll become a pop princess overnight and earn the “respect” from your peers as soon as the next morning.

Material Girl – Madonna

Does the previous song sound too modern for you? Then go wilder with this song from Madonna. To make it more wholesome, invite your girlfriends to join you. You’d be surprised by songs that everyone else will be singing after your performance.

Wrapping It Up

Whichever song (or songs) you choose, we believe that you’ll be able to nail it easily with or without practice. Being able to hone your singing skills at home is a lot better, though. One of the best karaoke machines that we recommend here at KaraokeHQ even has something similar to a vocal coach to teach you the right pitch.

This list of easy songs to sing for bad singers is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more songs like this, just don’t go looking for those from Beyonce, Adelle, or John Legend.

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