Easy Songs To Sing For Guys

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You don’t need to sound like Bruno Mars to impress your friends on karaoke nights. This list of easy songs to sing for guys will make you shine like a finalist on American Idol or The Voice.

These easy karaoke songs for beginners are focused on male singers, whether you know how to sing or not.

A male’s voice is commonly characterized as deep and low, but the songs here don’t have to be that stereotype. As a matter of fact, the songs here will certainly match most average joe’s vocal range.

However, if you really want to hit it big with those high notes, my best advice is to get yourself a karaoke machine like Singtrix Studio and invite your friends over to your place instead.

Easy Songs To Sing For Guys

These songs should be more than enough for your next performance. You’ll be amazed at how high your score will be on karaoke systems that rate your singing.

Song Title
Chasing CarsSnow Patrol
CollideHowie Day
SatisfactionThe Rolling Stones
Basket CaseGreen Day
Wild WorldCat Stevens
Let Her GoPassenger
The ScientistColdplay
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.
All The Small ThingsBlink 182

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

If you know how to play guitar but not too confident about your vocal prowess, then this would be a great song choice for you. The highest note is not exactly that high, something that most guys could reach easily. Although singing it while playing the chords with your guitar looks cool, it’s not a requirement though.

Collide – Howie Day

In case you find Chasing Cars a little too simple for you, you can go with Collide by Howie Day. It looks deceptively hard to sing but trust me, this is so easy as well. Singing this on karaoke nights will make you look cool even if you don’t hit all the notes right.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

There’s something tremendously satisfying about singing this song from The Rolling Stones. This karaoke classic can certainly lift up the ambiance of any party. You won’t have to worry about hitting the wrong notes because everyone else will definitely sing with you as well.

Basket Case – Green Day

Another song that will naturally get everyone to sing with you. In fact, the title of the song is not exactly very popular, but the song itself is something that is known to almost anyone. There are no high pitches here so no need to fear about straining your throat.

Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

This song can be sung even if you don’t hit the right melody, as long as you try to follow the beat. It’s very close to sounding like a rap music. You will have to pick you audience, though, as I find this song quite popular for a crowd that’s quite drunk already.

Wild World – Cat Stevens

There have been many renditions of this song to date, but the best remains to be the original version. Singing the version of Wild World by Cat Stevens is very easy as it doesn’t have a range to tackle. You’re almost always sure that no one would pick this up since it’s seldom sung in karaoke bars.

Let Her Go – Passenger

Who says you only need to sing old songs if This song is so easy to sing plus your voice doesn’t need to sound phenomenal at all. The melody is quite basic that you can make the song your own by deliberately changing some tones here and there.

The Scientist – Coldplay

If you really want to play it safe, but would love to sing songs under the alternative genre, then The Scientist from Coldplay is what you’re looking for. I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with transitioning between head and chest voices, though. Did you know that the lyrics of this song is quite deep too?

Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Although this is such a long song, it is very easy and surprisingly relaxing to sing. The melody just repeats over and over again, and you there are no high notes to shoot for. Just make sure not to sing this on a crowd that is overly zealous about their religion.

All The Small Things – Blink 182

This song from Blink 182 is one of the best default karaoke songs for those who don’t know how to sing. It is one of those songs that can look so daunting to sing. Fortunately, you’d be surprised how well you’ll be able to go all the way with this.

Wrapping It Up

I do hope that these easy songs to sing for guys has boosted your singing confidence for your next sing-along night out. If you want to bring the karaoke party at your own home, you should read our ultimate guide on picking the best karaoke system.

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