How To Set Up Karaoke System To TV

In this part of our how-to series, we will be discussing how to set up karaoke system to TV.

Karaoke machines nowadays do not require any complicated setups. With most of them, you’ll just have to turn it on, stream your music or load your CD, and you’re ready to sing.

However, some of us want a more robust arrangement connecting it to home theater and TV at the same time. It doesn’t only make your layout look and sound more professional, but it also helps you to read the words a lot easier.

How To Set Up Karaoke System To TV

Connecting a karaoke machine to your TV is certainly not a requirement, but a matter of preference. I, for one, love to see my lyrics on a bigger screen.

Even if you actually have the lyrics memorized, it still offers a great way to focus on your singing. You don’t end up being too conscious of other people watching you. This is actually part of the appeal of karaoke bars.

Best Karaoke Machines: Buyer’s Guide

Our definitive buyer’s guide can you help you choose the best karaoke machine for you based on the setup that you want.

What You Will Need

  • Karaoke Machine

  • First and foremost, you will need is a karaoke machine with an AV out.

    If your unit does not have this capability, there is still a way to circumvent this. You will no longer be connecting it directly to the TV, but you can still enjoy singing reading the lyrics on your big screen.

    Not all systems are designed to be hooked up to a television, though. If your system is not capable of external connections, it’s best that you check our ultimate buyer’s guide.

  • TV

  • Your TV needs to have an available video in port. You don’t need to have the latest LED models, but it’s better if you have one which allows you to connect your device to it. It’s a big plus if you have a model like the Samsung Smart TVs.

  • RCA cables

  • Not all karaoke machines include this type of cable. Fortunately, you can easily purchase this. What you will need is an RCA cable with yellow, white and red plugs. Yellow is for the video connectivity, while the red and white are for audio.

    How To Actually Connect Them

    Method 1

    Follow the steps outlined below if your karaoke machine has an AV output. Your user’s manual should indicate if the unit has this capability. If you want to visually inspect, there should be a yellow, red, and blue port with an “Out” label on your machine.

    1. Hook up your TV to your karaoke using the RCA cable. This is color-coded so you just have to plug the yellow cord to the yellow port, red cord to the red port, and the white to its designated port as well. Just remember that you should be connecting it to the port with an “Out” label on your karaoke machine, and “In” label on your TV.
    2. Power on both units. From your TV, be sure to change the video source to AV1 or AV. Load up your karaoke CD. You should be able to see the lyrics playing on your TV screen.
    3. If nothing comes up on the screen, be sure to check the colors are plugged correctly and that it’s connected to “In” on the TV. Even if it’s already quite obvious, this is still a very common mistake that should not be overlooked.

    Method 2

    This method is for those karaoke machines without an AV output. Like we have mentioned earlier, you will not be directly hooking up your karaoke system to your TV. Even if I have a karaoke machine which can connect to TV, I still end up using this method from time to time because it allows me to play almost any song on YouTube.

    1. Connect your device to your TV using screen mirroring, or chrome cast directly from the YouTube app to your smart TV. Be sure that your TV and your device are connected to the same wifi network.
    2. Play a sample song or video from YouTube on your device and verify that it’s showing up on your TV screen. Verify that the sound is going out on your TV as well. If you have it connected to your home theater, it should output the sound from there.
    3. Turn on your karaoke machine and test the mic. Adjust the volume, echo, etc. so that volume of your voice coming out from the built-in speaker is on the same level as that from your TV (or external speaker). Your karaoke machine acts as a PA speaker for your voice, with your song and lyrics playing on your TV.

    Wrapping It Up

    The processes we provided to you in this article are the most basic. You can certainly connect your karaoke unit to your home theater or mixer if it has the capability. Now that you know how to set up karaoke system to TV, you should have a layout at home which is more similar to those found in karaoke bars.

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  1. You actually make it seem so easy. It used to be complicated and daunting for me. Now everyone at home is having a great time almost every night.