Karaoke Machine Under 100

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Are you looking for a karaoke machine under 100 with features similar to premium models? In this article, we provide you with our 3 most recommended systems worth more than their cheap cost.

While you may be able to find a lot of models that are as affordable, they mostly break down in a month. Some of them don’t even capture your voice well or have a sound quality like a transistor radio.

There are still a lot of useful features that you’ll be missing out with this top 3, but they are in no way a show stopper. A later section is dedicated just for this so you’ll know, in a general sense, if they’re still worth getting.

Karaoke Machine Under 100

Karaoke Machine
Unique Features
Memorex Sing Stand 3Mic stand with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity
Singing Machine SML385BTBKTop Loading CD with Disco Lights and connects to TV
Singing Machine SML-283PPortable and easy to use which can connect to TV and external speakers

#1 – Memorex Sing Stand 3

Memorex Sing Stand 3Memorex Sing Stand 3 does not only make you a singer, it turns you into a performer. This is because unlike the other 2 products on our list, it comes with an extendable mic stand.

As a matter of fact, the microphone stand is the entire karaoke system. The base itself has the speaker and the control unit.

Sing Stand 3 is designed to stream your karaoke songs from your device via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio cable. This works extremely well if you are subscribed to karaoke apps like Smule. If you have no paid subscriptions, you can always use YouTube.

The caveat, though, is that you have no means of connecting this device to TV. You’ll have to view your lyrics through your device’s screen.

The best feature that this karaoke has is something that you’ll only find on premium models like Singtrix. It has a built-in auto voice control which amplifies your voice to the match the music’s volume level. This same technology also reduces the vocal track of any original song you’re playing.

Another thing that we love about this machine is that you can also connect your keyboards or guitar. It gives you the chance to go unplugged.

For less than a hundred bucks, Memorex Sing Stand 3 is certainly a steal!

Please Note: Sing Stand 3 has been out of stock for some time now. If you find that it’s not yet available still, please check our recommendation of a similar product here.

#2 – Singing Machine Karaoke SML385BTBK

Singing Machine SML385BTBKIf you’re looking for a karaoke machine that can play your karaoke CDs, Singing Machine Karaoke SML385BTBK is certainly the better choice. It is even capable of setting the mood of the entire room with its disco light show.

Connectivity is the highlight of this karaoke system. You can connect and stream your music from your devices aside from a karaoke CD. Don’t have the song in your collection? Go to YouTube and search for + karaoke and voila! You’re ready to rock out.

It also has the capability to connect to your TV using RCA cable. With the lyrics on the TV screen and the sound going out through your sound bar or home theater (already connected to the TV), plus the disco lights, you have yourself a complete karaoke bar setup. Well except for the drinks.

The lyrics showing on TV only works if you’re using karaoke CDs. If you’re streaming from your device, you’ll need an alternate setup not built-in to this system.

With Singing Machine SML385BTBK, you actually get more than what you’re paying for. This is especially true if you’re not going to raise your expectations too much like having a built-in equalizer, voice changer, or recorder.


#3 – Singing Machine SML-283P

Singing Machine SML-283PSinging Machine SML-283P is both a CD player and a karaoke machine. If you want one that is portable then this is a model for you. It has its own built-in speaker and has the capability to play music from a variety of sources.

This compact karaoke system can play both karaoke and regular CDs. You can also connect your smartphones and play your karaoke songs from there. In case, you just want to listen to your favorite music, you can use your MP3 player as well.

The caveat is that it doesn’t have any Bluetooth connectivity.

This unit includes 1 corded microphone, about 9 ft in length. However, it has 2 microphone jacks so you should be able to sing as a duet provided you purchase another one.

While the speaker is not nearly as bad as those found in other cheap models, there’s still a lot to improve. If you have a very discerning ear, you can always connect this karaoke machine to an external speaker or your home theater.

Similar with SML385BTBK above, you can connect this machine to your TV too. You can play your karaoke CDs and have the lyrics display on the big screen.

Portability is certainly its winning feature. Given the choice between a Bluetooth karaoke microphone system and this, I’d go with Singing Machine SML-283P. You have more options to set up and enjoy your spontaneous karaoke party with friends.


Cheap Karaoke Machine: What You Should Be Aware Of

There is a common trend to a lot of cheap karaoke machines out there, and that is their durability. While they all work as they’re designed to be, most of them are so flimsy that they break down after a couple of uses.

After struggling with durability, most of them have issues with sound quality. The built-in speakers are just not good at all, making you sound like you’re on an AM radio.

These issues are what we specifically avoided in our recommendations. The top 3 cheap karaoke machines have good sound quality and are durable too.

They have great sound quality for their price, and they can even be connected to external speakers. Each of the models here can take a beating. As a matter of fact, 2 of the models that we have on the list are even recommended for kids.

On the same note, if you’re going to buy a karaoke machine for kids, I would advise into looking at cheap karaoke machines like this. Be sure to visit our guide for a more detailed list of karaoke machine models for kids.

Wrapping It Up

There are a lot of pitfalls when choosing the wrong karaoke system especially if they’re this cheap. We’ve eliminated these for you and presented the top 3 karaoke machine under 100. If you find your choices too limited, be sure to check our ultimate guide on the top-rated karaoke machine models this year.

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  1. Great finds here!..thanks for doing the research. I used to think that karaokes this cheap are for kids only.