Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone Review

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Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone Detailed Review

Most children start to show their passion for singing at an early age. If you’re looking for a gift for your daughter or granddaughter, why not give her something to nurture their talent. The Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone is a karaoke toy that is specifically built for their imaginative play.

This musical toy is best suited for children 5 to 7 years of age. It lacks full-fledged karaoke features, but kids at this age don’t normally concern themselves with these things. All they want is to sing and play, and this is exactly what this karaoke machine allows them to do.

Not all karaoke toys are the same, though. So before you actually buy this, we strongly recommend that you read the rest of this review article. We will be revealing what this product can actually do, or not do. This can help you better decide if this is the right one for your child.

Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone Review

Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone Box

The Kids Karaoke Machine from Little Pretender comes with 2 microphones and an adjustable mic stand, which is perfect for children who love to sing and perform at the same time. It boosts their confidence, allowing them to imagine like they are actually performing on stage.

The actual karaoke machine is the base of the mic stand. This is where the built-in speaker has located as well as the foot pedals. The foot pedals produce some fun sounds including an audience applause. It also has some flashing stage lights to add up to the fun factor.

In the next sections, we will be discussing this product in detail. Ultimately, you will learn how this unit functions even before actually buying it. There are other systems designed for children and this model from Little Pretender is one of the best.

Music Sources

Play songs from your phoneThis karaoke toy doesn’t come with built-in children’s songs. It plays songs streamed on your iPhone or Android device. This offers great flexibility and allows you to specifically create a playlist for your child to sing.

In essence, this product acts as an external speaker for your devices. A speaker with built-in lights and mic stand to be specific.

You can also connect your CD player via the AUX cable included upon purchase.

In general, all media sources whether tablet, phone, MP3 player, etc. can connect to it as long as they have a compatible output jack.

Music Output

This karaoke machine has a built-in speaker which allows it to be used immediately right out of the box. However, there is no other output except for this speaker.

You cannot connect it to TV and you cannot connect additional speakers to it as well. What you see is exactly what you get.

It does not have any amplifiers so don’t expect to hear your child’s voice playing through the speaker loudly. In fact, they will need to sing with their mouths too close to the mic to project it.

Considering this is a child’s toy, the lack of additional features such as these is quite acceptable. Most kids just want to sing their heart out.


Includes 2 microphonesThis product includes 2 microphones upon purchase. They are both corded and can be plugged into the unit at the same time. However, the mic stand can only accommodate one microphone. The cord is around 40 inches when fully extended.

The microphone works independently from the karaoke itself. This means that kids will be able to use the mic without even having to turn on any music. They can sing acapella and still hear their voices through the speaker.

Be aware, though, that this is not an adult microphone. Mic quality can be low with some static every now and then. Additionally, the microphone stand doesn’t always stay in place after some time. If you’re not planning to store it away anytime soon, you might need to keep the stand extended permanently with a glue or tape.

Sound Quality

Don’t expect some built-in equalizer or any knobs to adjust the echo. You can only turn the unit on or off and adjust the volume with a single knob. There is no separate volume for mic or the music. For a child, though, this makes it very easy to operate.

You can try to increase the volume on your device but in the end, it all comes down to the maximum volume that the built-in speaker can output. Unfortunately, it is quite low, especially once the kids start singing out loud.

Additional Features

Additional Kiddie FeaturesThese additional child features are where this product shines. It is what makes it truly enjoyable to use for toddlers and 7-year-olds alike.

  • Flashing Stage Lights: The multi-colored stage lights flash while the unit is turned on and your child is singing
  • Left Pedal: This pedal activates built-in dancing tunes which play on top of the song that is currently playing.
  • Right Pedal: Your child will not only get your applause but a pre-recorded crowd’s applause as well when he or she activates this pedal.

Setting Up

The ease of set up is a very important factor for every children’s toys. Fortunately, this karaoke toy from Little Pretender works with virtually no setup required. All you have to do is connect your device to the unit via the AU cable provided, set the mic stand up and attach to the unit, and your child is ready to sing.

There are no additional purchases required to use this optimally. Take note that this is battery operated only, though. Batteries are included. However, it’s best to have 4 AA rechargeable batteries handy.


The unit has a dimension of 17.8 x 10.9 x 2.8 inches. The adjustable mic stand is 18.5 inches tall and can be fully extended to a height of 40 inches. This is perfect for most 6-year-olds.

It is very lightweight, weighing around 2.4 lbs only. When not used as a mic stand, the unit can become a tabletop karaoke machine with handle. Your child can bring it with him or her anywhere she pleases.

Consumer Ratings

More than half of the people who purchased this model from Amazon are satisfied with this product. Most of them are happy to see their kids or grandkids having a blast with it. Kids just love how they can sing with a mic stand. The applause pedal is a very good confidence booster as well.

Most of the buyers who did not like this product was dissatisfied with how flimsy the mic stand is. They also do not like the sound quality.

We encourage you to check the rest of the Amazon reviews for this product if you’re planning to get this.

Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone Box

  • Includes mic stand to promote imaginative play
  • Left and right pedal activates dancing tunes and applause
  • Flashing LED lights for added fun
  • 2 microphones are included
  • Battery operated only
  • Mic stand doesn’t always stay extended

Final Words

Little Pretender Karaoke Stage Microphone is an amazing karaoke machine for kids past their toddler years. Although the mic and sound quality are mediocre, children love to sing with this toy regardless. It’s all about pretend play for them, and this product makes it easy for children to imagine being a star. You know how it is, “Great things start with imagination”.

8.1 Basic

This karaoke is built for kids so don't expect some state-of-the-art functionalities. In fact, it's a kiddie musical toy and is a great gift for the musically-inclined. It has a great design, though, that will encourage your little one to sing and perform, boosting their confidence at such an early age.

  • Price 9
  • Connectivity 7
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Features 8
  • Sound Quality 8
  • Durability 7.5

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