Memorex Sing Stand 3 Review

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Memorex Sing Stand 3 Detailed Review

Sing like a pro with Memorex Sing Stand 3. It is very to easy to use and very easy to set up. On top of that, it is also one of the most affordable karaoke systems on the market today.

As an all-in-one karaoke machine under 100 bucks, you’d naturally expect that something’s gotta give.

In this review, we will be revealing the caveats of having this model, side-by-side with the features. That way, you can make a better decision if this model is the right one for you.

Memorex Sing Stand 3 Review

Memorex Sing Stand 3 Review

Please Note: This model solds out quickly every now and then. If you find that there are no stocks available, please check our review of a similar product here.

Memorex Sing Stand is a complete karaoke system in a unique yet very familiar design. There are no separate speakers or control unit to set up. All you have is a mic stand and you’re good to go.

That is because the speaker and the control unit are all located at the base of the stand. The microphones are connected to the base, as well as other auxiliary inputs and outputs.

The Sing Stand series from Memorex is one of the most popular karaoke purchases. It is quite flexible and offers capabilities for expansion. For instance, if you find the sound quality unsatisfactory, you can always connect it to a home theater or a better external speaker.

As a matter of fact, while we consider this as one of this year’s best karaoke machines in terms of affordability, there are other factors why we included this in our recommendation.

In the next sections, you will learn more about its actual features and what you should expect (or not) from this affordable karaoke system.

Memorex SingStand 2 vs 3
Aside from the obvious price difference, with version 2 around 20 bucks less, additional Bluetooth connectivity is what makes Sing Stand 3 a better choice.

Music Sources

Connects any deviceMemorex Sing Stand 3 comes with 10 free karaoke songs to download. Unless you’re into old 80’s or 70’s songs I wouldn’t recommend you bother with it. Instead, you can just go to YouTube (free) or The Karaoke Channel (subscription-based) for more selections to choose from.

You can connect your device in two ways, either through Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm audio cable. This allows you to output the songs from the sites mentioned earlier, or from your own playlist. The latter allowing you sing your song without having to go online.

However, it does not have a USB port and you cannot load your karaoke CDs directly to the machine. A quick solution, though, is to play your karaoke CDs from a laptop and connect it to Sing Stand 3 with Bluetooth.

Music Output

The 2 built-in speakers located at the base of the stand are 5-watts each. Their position allows them to project a clear and crisp sound in multiple directions instead of just to the front.

If you’re playing a song in MP3+G format or from YouTube, you will only be able to view the lyrics directly from your device since this karaoke model doesn’t have any built-in monitor.

You can always set your device to stream the lyrics on your TV and still use this karaoke unit to sing. We will be delving into more detail as to how to do actually do this in the later section.


This unit comes with 2 microphones as opposed to just 1 with the older model. You can also use a cordless mic by connecting a wireless microphone receiver.

We initially thought that the location of the speaker can cause some feedback. Fortunately, It can only happen if you hold the microphone too close to the base.

Sound Quality

Built-in speakersThe sound quality of the speakers is not something to write home about. However, it is still loud enough if you’re singing in a small room.

It’s just like a playing your music through a small Bluetooth speaker.

If you’re going to consider the fact that it costs less than $100, this is a minor inconvenience. As a matter of fact, this can be easily remedied by connecting the unit to an external speaker or home theater.

Additional Features

This model has a built-in auto voice control which has two functions. One, it amplifies your voice so that it matches the level of volume of the music. Second, it reduces the original vocal track of any song. The latter allows you to play original songs and replace it with your voice.

You can also adjust the echo depending on your preferences. If you’re going to wrap, you can tone it down or remove completely. On the other hand, you can increase it if you want to sound like you’re in a cabaret.

Memorex Sing Stand 3 also supports guitar or keyboard connectivity. You can sing a song while playing an electric guitar or keyboard. The sound of your voice, the song, and your instrument will jive together well.

It does not have any recording capability, though. If you would like to record your songs or performance, I’d suggest using the good old camera from your smartphone.


Setting Up

Easy to SetupMemorex Sing Stand 3 includes 2 microphones with their respective cords, a 7- and 11-inch 3.5mm audio cords, and a cord clip to keep them all tidy.

You can certainly use it as soon as you’re done connecting the shafts for the stand. Just plug it in, pair your device via Bluetooth or connect with the audio cable, and start singing.

For better sound quality, you can connect using the 3.55mm cable to connect it to an external speaker. You can also purchase a cable with a 3.5mm-RCA cable and use it to connect to your home theater system. You connect the red/white RCA to your home stereo.

To display the words on your TV screen, you will have to connect your device directly to your TV. If you have a Smart TV, you can use Google Chromecast feature directly from your YouTube app. Your karaoke machine will still be receiving your vocals and will output it through its own PA speakers.


Another thing that we like about this karaoke system is that it’s very compact. You don’t need to have a lot of space available in your room to set it up. The base itself just measures around 12 inches in diameter, while the unit is around 59 inches tall when fully extended.

Although it may look to be very portable, don’t expect to easily use it outdoors. It does not have a capability to run on batteries. We had ours set up in a spare room.

Consumer Ratings

As we have mentioned earlier in this article, this is one of the most purchased models online. Most consumers love how cheap it is and how easy it is to set up and use. Most of them described it as a perfect gift.

On the other hand, most of the consumers who got disappointed by the product were expecting a more powerful sound output or features not listed in the product.

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Memorex SingStand 3 Review

  • Connect devices using Bluetooth or audio in cable
  • Allows guitar or keyboards to be connected
  • Includes 2 microphones
  • Built-in small PA speakers deliver clear and crisp audio quality
  • Includes 90-day limited warranty
  • Speakers are not great for large rooms or outdoors
  • No built-in recorder

Final Words

If you’re living in a condo, this karaoke is perfect for you. It will not occupy too much space but it will make you sing and perform like you’re having a concert. You can definitely throw a mini karaoke party with this Memorex Sing Stand 3.

I’ve seen some karaoke bars that actually use this unit for their business, making it pretty neat to have one at your own home. If you want more designs to choose from, we recommend that you read our list of the top-rated professional karaoke.

8.8 Cool

This system is so easy to set up and use. Singing with a mic stand feels so natural, and it makes a performer out of you. Aside from using karaoke songs, being able to connect your guitar allows you to unplugged anytime.

  • Price 9.5
  • Connectivity 8.5
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Features 8.5
  • Sound Quality 8.5
  • Durability 9

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  1. My sister in Chicago has this at their place. I wasn’t that much convinced to get this back then until I read this review. Now I’m excited for my shipment to arrive 🙂