Singing Machine SML385BTBK Review

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Singing Machine SML385BTBK Detailed Review

Are you looking for a karaoke that comes with party lights and Bluetooth connectivity? The Singing Machine SML385BTBK is one of your best choices right now. This model is surprisingly cheap, selling for under 50 bucks only.

The SML385BTBK is an all-around system for all ages. This is a cool unit if you have friends coming over for some comfy karaoke time with cocktails or Jack Daniels.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a more robust karaoke system for your child, this works well too. As a matter of fact, this is one of the top-rated kid’s karaoke models that we recommend.

However, something’s gotta give with such a very low price point. This is what we will be revealing in the sections below, aside from its fine points too. By the end of this review article, you should be able to decide if this karaoke system is what you’re actually looking for.

Singing Machine SML385BTBK Review

Singing Machine SML385BTBK

The SML385BTBK from Singing Machine is a Top Loading karaoke CD player which comes with light effects. It has a built-in speaker and 2 microphone jacks with their own volume and echo control for better voice output.

You can also connect your devices easily like Android phones, iPhone, tablets or laptops using Bluetooth. This allows you to stream your music easily with both your voice and the song outputting through the speaker.

There are a number of similar models from this same brand with a similar design, but this particular unit is the latest 2017 model.

The SML385BTW model is one of our top-rated units for teenage girls. If you want to see more of our selections in this category, be sure to click here to check our recommendations.

Singing Machine SML385BTW is actually the same as the SML385BTBK model. The only difference is the color. Hence, the “W” for white and “BK” for black.

Music Sources

Bluetooth ConnectivitySML385BT series, whether the black or the white model, has a variety of music sources available to have you sing your song. It does not have any built-in songs included but comes with a free karaoke CD which is more like a demo disc, to be honest.

The top-loading CD tray allows you to play karaoke CDs in CD+G format and even regular music CD as well.

If you find your song collection quite lacking, you can always use YouTube or other karaoke apps from your smartphone or tablet and have the sound output to the karaoke system.

This is conveniently done by pairing via Bluetooth, which is a huge improvement from previous versions of this model.


When you purchase SML385BTBK, it already comes with 1 wired microphone. It has 2 microphone jacks, though, so you can purchase another mic in case you wanted to go on a duet.

You can actually use the mic on its own without any music playing. If you want to practice a capella or if your child just wants to hear her voice through the mic, it can certainly be done since this model has an independent volume control for the microphone.

It does not have a built-in wireless microphone capability. However, if you connect a wireless mic receiver to the mic jack, you should be able to go wireless that way.

Sound Quality

Although this karaoke model has a built-in speaker, don’t expect too much from it. The speaker has a 3.5 watts power output which should be okay for a small room or a small gathering.

It doesn’t have any built-in equalizer so if you need to make adjustments, you can do it from the device where you’re streaming the music.

It has an echo knob allowing you to enhance your voice output, giving a concert-like effect.

Additional Features

Built-in Disco LED lightsOne of the best features that Singing Machine SML385BTBK has is the party LED lights. These are 54 LED lights which flash and change colors, which helps a lot to set the mood for party and singing. You can choose to dim the lights depending on your preference using the disco light switch.

If you’re playing a song in a multiplex format, you can control the singer’s prerecorded vocals by reducing or muting it all the way.

The “Balance” feature allows you to do this manually. On the other hand, the “Auto Voice Control” features will do this for you automatically, muting the prerecorded vocals when you sing through the mic.

Since its price point is very low for an all-in-one karaoke system, it is missing some additional features that you would find from those with premium pricing. This includes built-in recorder, voice changer, and radio tuner. They are not actually a show-stopper if what you really want is to just sing with your own capacity.

Setting Up

Connect To TV Easily With RCA portHooking up SML385BTBK to your TV is quite easy. You just need to use to connect it using an RCA cable. The lyrics from your karaoke CD should show up on the big screen. This is the best way to use it as it allows you to output the sound to your home theater as well.

However, if you have your tablet or smartphone connected to this karaoke system, don’t expect the lyrics to show up on your TV. It just doesn’t have this capability. You will just have to read the lyrics on your device’s screen.

There’s actually a way to go around this but this model doesn’t have any audio input jack. If you really want to have your lyrics show on the TV, we recommend checking Singing Machine ISM1030BT which we have reviewed here as well.

Most of the people, like us, really enjoyed Singing Machine SML385BT just on its own, though, without having to connect it to a TV. We just love how you can choose a song from YouTube and just sing along with this model. No need to purchase CDs.


SML385BTBK and the white version as well do not require a lot of space in your room to set up. In fact, you can just place it on top of the table where you’re having your drinks. It will not occupy a big area even in your child’s room.

This is because it has a dimension of 8.5 x 8.7 x 13.1 inches only (L x W x H). It also weighs very light at around 7 lbs only.

When you purchase this unit, you’ll have the following items included as well:

  • One wired microphone
  • Demo Karaoke CD
  • Free 5 songs downloadable from manufacturer’s website

Consumer Ratings

The SML385BT series received an above average rating from consumers on Amazon. Most of them love how you can easily pair your device with Bluetooth and start singing with virtually no setup needed.

There were also some negative reviews and this was because they find the entire system quite flimsy. This is rather subjective. In our opinion, it is what you would expect for a functional karaoke system sold at such a cheap price.

We encourage you to check other reviews from Amazon customers if you’re still quite confused deciding if you should get this model.

Singing Machine SML385BTBK

  • Bluetooth connectivity to play songs from tablets, smartphones or even a laptop
  • Disc loading tray for Karaoke CDs & music CDs
  • Built-in Disco LED light effects to add more party ambiance
  • Has 2 microphone jacks for duets
  • Built-in speaker perfect for small to mid-sized rooms
  • Does not have an audio in jack
  • No pitch control and additional voice enhancers

Final Words

This karaoke system is all about expectations. Like all other affordable systems we recommend here:, if you’re not expecting too much for such a low-priced product, you’ll come to enjoy this model too.

The colorful LED disco lights and the ability to play karaoke songs either via Bluetooth or with a karaoke CD makes Singing Machine SML385BTBK more than worth its price point. If you’re still undecided, we recommend that you check other top-rated models here at

8.7 Awesome

This is an all-around system that allows you to play karaoke CDs or stream from your device. It includes party lights to set the mood on a dimly lit room. There's virtually no setup needed and you can start singing right out of the box.

  • Price 10
  • Connectivity 8
  • Ease of Use 9
  • Features 8.5
  • Sound Quality 8.5
  • Durability 8

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