VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke Review

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Vtech Kidi Super Star Detailed Review

The Vtech Kidi Karaoke Super Star with Microphone is so full of features that even adults will surely enjoy using it. In fact, it even garnered awards such as Toy of the Year 2016 and Top Ten Christmas Gifts in the same year as well.

A number of its features are something you’d only find in high-end models that sell for more than 300 bucks. It’s true that it’s one of the best kid’s karaoke system, however, it still has its own faults.

In this review, we will be expanding on the benefits you get from each feature. You’ll also learn what this product can and can’t do. It’s our hope that by the end of this article, you’ll be able to confidently decide if this is the right gift for your child.

VTech Kidi Karaoke Super Star with Microphone Review

VTech Kidi Super Star

Vtech is well-known for its innovative technology-centric toys. It’s no wonder that their karaoke machines designed specifically for kids follow suit.

This Vtech Kidi Super Star stands out from among its competitors by having the ability to remove the vocal track of any song on the fly. It also has the capability to record your child’s singing and comes with built-in songs as well.

With so many great features installed, we have considered this to be a great choice not only for kids but even for adults as well. This is why this model made it to our list of this year’s most recommended karaoke systems to get.

However, there are limits as to what this product can do, which is what actually makes it affordable in the first place. In the following sections, you will learn if its shortcomings are not that big of a deal to you.

Music Sources

Stream music from your iPhoneVtech Kidi Super Star is designed to play music from your devices. By attaching your phone or tablet to via the audio cable, you can play your child’s favorite songs easily. This is compatible with any device as it only uses the earphone jack.

However, you won’t be able to play both CDs and CD+Gs with this model. It does not have any Bluetooth connections as well.

On the upside, it comes with 8 built-in kiddie songs that your kids can easily follow. Plus, your child has the flexibility to create have their own playlist.

Music Output

It comes with its own speaker which outputs both song and voice. As you can see from the images on this article, you can place your device on the holder and have your child sing like a professional.

However, you won’t be able to connect the unit to a TV to show the lyrics you or your child is singing. It doesn’t have the capability to connect to an external speaker as well.


Adjustable mic standThe unit includes a single corded microphone. The mic can be used without having to connect it to the stand. This product can only accommodate up to 1 microphone only, though.

The mic stand is quite sturdy and its height is adjustable from 28.5 to 53.5 inches. The fully extended stand is ideal for children up to 5 feet in height.

Sound Quality

Perhaps one of our biggest gripe with this model is that the sound quality is not so phenomenal. It’s not actually bad but there’s a lot more to desire about.

But frankly, this is designed for children so the most important factors are that it should be functional and fun. This is exactly what this model has accomplished in flying colors.

Expecting for a crisp, high-quality sound output may be too much. That’s aside from the fact that this unit is very cheap too.

Additional Features

Additional FeaturesCompared to other models, this musical toy from Vtech is rich with additional features that make it worth more than its price.

Music Magic Feature
This feature allows you to remove the vocals of any song with a push of a button. You can play Frozen from iTunes and have the unit strip away the voice so your child can sing with original instrumentals.

Built-In Recorder
It can store up to 5 minutes which is equivalent to 1 to 2 songs, more if they’re children’s songs. In addition, you can add other sound effects from this same model, audience applause at the end of the song for example.

Disco Lights
What’s a karaoke party without the lights? Just dim the lights in the room then turn on the light ball for a colorful ambiance. It may not be blink to the beat of the music but it has 7 settings your child can play with.

Voice Changer
Singing is supposed to be fun especially for kids. The voice changer just makes the fun more obvious. This is one of the features not commonly found in other kiddie models but we found to be an important addition.

Rhythmic Games
The rhythmic games will keep your child from getting bored with this toy. Perhaps the most invaluable part of this feature is the tongue twister games. It helps to improve diction and makes for a proper and fun warm up before singing.

Setting Up

Easy to setupThere’s not much setting up that needs to be done after unboxing the Vtech Kidi SuperStar. You just extend the mic stand to the right height, plug in the microphone and connect your device using the included audio cable.

The product is battery-operated or can be plugged into an outlet as well. It requires four AAA batteries or a 7.5V 400mA adapter. However, the adapter is not included, so you’ll need to purchase it separately.

It is so easy to operate that it is actually recommended for children aged 4 years and up. If you have a 3-year old who loves to use this, he or she can certainly do so with minimal supervision.


The entire package includes the actual karaoke unit, mic stand, one microphone, and one 3.5mm audio cable to connect your device.

It has the following dimension and weight, including the fully extended microphone stand:

  • 16.7 x 14.8 x 53.8 inches
  • 2.9 pounds

The stand is made of sturdy plastic so it’s lightweight and can be easily dismantled.

Consumer Ratings

At the time of this writing, the VTech Kidi Super Star received only high ratings from Amazon customers. In fact, it’s one of the few products with no 1 or 2-star rating at all. Most of the buyers were satisfied with how their kids love the product.

We encourage you to check other reviews from Amazon buyers so you can get not only a second but a third opinion as well.

VTech Kidi Super Star

  • Budget-friendly
  • Mic stand extends to almost 4.5 feet
  • Can remove vocal track from any songs
  • Has built-in recorder
  • Has disco lights and voice changer
  • Can only accommodate 1 microphone
  • Does not connect to TV or external speakers

Final Words

Vtech Kidi Karaoke Super Star with Microphone is an easy-to-use kid’s karaoke machine that even adults will come to love. You can stream your child’s favorite song from Spotify or iTunes easily with no vocals and instantly make them the star of the party.

With affordability and features, this is one of the best gifts you can give to your musically-inclined child. If you want more options to choose from, be sure to check our comprehensive article on the top kiddie models this year.

8.3 Trendy

Out of all the kiddie models, this one stands out as the most feature-rich. From voice changer to built-in recorder, and right down to the fun rhythmic games, your child will surely enjoy performing with this.

  • Price 9
  • Connectivity 7.5
  • Ease of Use 8.5
  • Features 8
  • Sound Quality 8
  • Durability 8.5

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